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Små Vågor - Små Vågor 3, LP SOLD OUT!!

Små Vågor - Små Vågor 3, LP SOLD OUT!!


This is the third album from Henrik von Euler’s Små Vågor imprint and the first one to be released on both vinyl, cassette and digital. Vinyl and digital on Flora & Fauna and cassette on Zeon Light.

Hardware based, cinematic ambient electronic music, delivered with small means on a small scale. 

The music of Små Vågor was never intended to take any space. The first album was released without telling anyone and the second more or less the same. Like hidden secrets waiting to be discovered, in small waves. 

A1. Mörk våg
A2. Diffraktion 
A3. Kosmologisk konstant
A4. Interferens      

B1. Expansivt tillstånd 
B2. Gravitationellt kluster
B3. Censurförmodan
B4. Bortom händelsehorisonten

Black 33 rpm vinyl in 4 color sleeve. Plastic wrapped
Mastered by Max-måns Wikman
Illustration by Marcus Ivarsson
Flute and harp by Andreas Söderström
FFLP25, 2017-09-22

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