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Daniel Savio - Plejjern från Plejaderna, LP (pre-order)

Daniel Savio - Plejjern från Plejaderna, LP (pre-order)

Pre-order your copy of Plejjern från Plejaderna by Daniel Savio and have it delivered to your doorstep on the day of the release

Plejjern från Plejaderna is a journey into the mind of Daniel. Sometimes contemplative, sometimes disturbed and always on point. Ambient soundscapes blended with solid rhythms and a vision to always explore new ground. Dirty and analogue but still more futuristic than any of the competition. Limited on vinyl to only 200 copies. Cover by Daniel Savio.

A1. Plejjern från Plejaderna
A2. Som du smakar ikväll 
A3. Vild och viril i rymden     

B1. Soft som siden  
B2. Helt mysteriskt 
B3. Smek med vinden 
B4. Avis på Dionysos

200 copies on black full length vinyl in inside out sleeve.
Cover by Daniel Savio, Mastered by Henrik von Euler
FFLP23, 2017-03-17

15 EUR